Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thinking a Little Christmas in September

Have you wondered about gifts this year?  I sure have been.  I've decided to do a little something for my family members who all have too much "stuff" anyway.  I'm going to make mini-albums!


Crush Book of your choice:  I used Bluebird.


A My Crush Assortment or two:

Chevron Ribbon:


1.  Open the rings on the My Crush book and take out all of the pages.  Cut each page in half.  Choose a few pages (I used 12 half-pages) for your album.

2.  Ink the edges of your papers with cocoa ink and a sponge.  (Remember you can cut the sponges into 6 or 8 pieces for your distressing needs.)

3.  Choose pictures and cut them to fit your book as desired.  Using the My Crush Assortment packs embellish the pages as desired.

4.  Be sure to journal!  The stories are important!

5.  Stack the pages as you would like.

6.  Cut the ribbon into strips (about 8") and thread through every other hole on the side of your pages.  (I used 5 pieces of ribbon.

For less than $40 you can make at least 4 albums (and probably more!)

I love my album.  I keep it by my desk so I can look through and get a quick hug from my family pictures.  I can't wait to make some more of these for Christmas gifts.  I even think I'm going to get the Holiday Happenings My Crush book, assortment, and badge buttons to make 25 Days of Christmas albums.

May your days be merry and bright and happy scrapping!


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