Sunday, July 20, 2014

Printing Photos with Studio J

I'm one of those scrapbookers who likes to dive in and have paper, embellishments, ribbon, and glue everywhere.  I then stand back and admire my layouts for hours.

I am also one of those scrapbookers who love the how-to-patterns available through Close to My Heart and which can be purchased on MY SITE.

Currently, I am working with Reflections, one of my favorite pattern guides.  However, cutting out the perfect odd size photo from readily available print sizes is not always easy.

I have the solution.  Use Studio J for printing photos.  I currently have three layouts planned from one 2-page layout of pictures.

These layouts are going to use 8x8, 1.75x1.75, 5.5x5.5, and 3x3 images.  (All images are measured in inches.)  I don't have to worry about whether or not a particular photo will work.  I've placed the photos in the correct sizes and these will print very nicely.  While I am waiting on the photos to arrive I will make the layouts.  I'll trim the photos, add to layouts, embellish and journal and add to album.  How easy is that?  Now I can make full use of the wonderful how-to-patterns created by Close to My Heart.

Stock up on your favorite paper packs and how-to-patterns, all available on MY SITE.

Happy layouts!


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